TimeWork as a partner

With more than twenty years of recruitment experience in the IT industry, partnering with TimeWork will pave your way.

We have more than twenty years of recruitment experience, having systematically built up a large and relevant network within the IT industry. We always keep abreast of changes in technologies, professional disciplines, business development and trends in the IT industry, maintaining a close dialogue with our clients and candidates.

With us you get expert advice, an open and honest dialogue and a challenge to your expectations. We will stand with you as you succeed.

When collaborating with us in terms of recruitment, you get

  • Access to skilled candidates in the IT industry – including those only “passively interested”
  • A partner who really gets into the nitty-gritty of your organisation and your needs
  • Thorough, honest and continuous talks about the process to make you aware of week-to-week progress
  • Advice about interviews and how to "sell" your organisation and the position to be filled
  • Helping along the job profile – what are the selling points – and how are you communicating them to the relevant candidates
  • An intensive recruitment period that will yield quick results

You can work with us on a single task, or you can opt for our services as a strategic partner if you are looking for IT professionals on a regular basis. The better we know you, the easier it gets to help you!

Challenges in IT recruitment

The vast majority of areas within IT has a greater supply of jobs than highly qualified candidates. This means that the candidates show a high degree of "choosiness” regarding the kind of work they want to do and the geographical location. They prefer an attractive workplace, which means that as a company you need to streamline your offer in terms of:

  • Challenging tasks and projects
  • The academic environment
  • The desire to work with new technology, new methods and processes
  • The power to make decisions
  • Training and development
  • Flexibility (work-life balance)
  • Participation at conferences and other professional events
  • Social activities
  • The pay package and general terms
  • Your general branding on the market as a company and as a workplace

We will talk it over with you if your offer is not consistent with your requirements for the candidate, working with you to find a solution. This will save you time and money.

Mette Møller Simonsen

Mette Møller Simonsen


Telephone: +45 24 86 46 46
E-mail: mette@timework.dk

Henning Therkelsen

Henning Therkelsen


Telephone: +45 28 97 69 22
E-mail: henning@timework.dk