Search and Headhunting

Handpicking is an art form.

TimeWork regularly use their own network based on search and headhunting, bringing into play candidates that would not actively apply for the job.

Contacting the relevant candidates is important to the recruitment process, including “passive job seekers” who want to explore their options without reaching out. TimeWork help you connect with the right people that you would not otherwise meet.

The research in the illustration offers good insights into how many passive candidates you will never reach with an ad:

60% of potential candidates are passive, while 25% are actively looking for jobs – source LinkedIn.

60% of IT candidates don’t apply for roles themselves – what does it take?

Most people underestimate the market of passive but interested candidates who are not applying for roles themselves. We know many of these candidates, and we know from statistics and experience that these people place a lot of trust in their network when assessing a new job. That is why we are able to touch base with people that are often left out of the recruitment process. And we have no problem getting recommendations for new talents and skilled candidates from the people we already know. Trust, confidentiality and high integrity are important parameters to ensure trust in this kind of process.

If you would like a broader spectrum of passively interested candidates with whom we have formed long-standing relationships, we will engage in talks with you – arguing both sides of the argument – and provide good examples of what we think needs to be done based on what we are hearing and seeing at your end.

A big portion of the segment that we propel into new jobs is people we have previously coached and given career advice, so we know what it takes to pique their interest in a new job as well as what drives and motivates them. With our vast knowledge of each candidate, we can effectively match the right one for any given company, which works to the benefit of both parties.

TimeWork’s recruitment model provides access to the passive candidates

TimeWork’s recruitment model allows you to meet a representative sample of people currently in the market for a particular job, whether they are active job seekers or have indicated that they are only interested if the perfect opportunity comes along.

All our communications with candidates are carried out in full discretion when it comes to search and headhunting, and we will meet them on their “turf”, meaning that we are not trying to fit them into a specific job but basing our approach on their career-related wishes and expectations. In this way, the candidates really are partnering with us. This also ensures that your company is “sold” to the target group in the right way and that the candidates are treated properly and respectfully in terms of for their skill set.

There needs to be an offer that takes them to the next level. This is where we come into the picture, helping you figure out what it should encompass and where to find the candidate. When we know you well enough to communicate this, we can go to the candidates we know and start our process.

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