Recruitment model

We are offering to run your recruitment process from start to finish, guiding you and the candidates at every step along the way.

We provide a personal contact

Working with us, you get a personal contact at TimeWork who is in charge of the entire process. This means that your recruitment partner handles all communication with you and with the candidates. We do not delegate the process to different people at different stages. In our experience, putting one person in charge of the process ‘end-to-end’ prevents us from losing important information and ensures that we find the best candidate. Of course, we also help each other with individual recruitments within TimeWork, and there is always a backup when the need arises.

Feedback on your job posting

At the beginning of the process when we discuss your job posting/job profile, we provide our input based on how we see the market and our experience in terms of what is important to the candidates. It is about making the job attractive, but it is also about having realistic expectations of the candidates.

High level of information

We will continuously keep you posted about any and all progress and do a formal status on the recruitment once a week.

We will be present at your first meeting with the candidates

We are there when you do your first interview with the candidates. This makes us better at determining what you are looking for, and we can provide the candidate with qualified feedback after the meeting. This also ensures a connecting thread from our initial dialogue with the candidate. However, we are not active during the interview.

We see things through

We keep in regular contact with you and the candidate in the final stages of the recruitment process, and you can use us to help align expectations during contract negotiations.

We are aware that we are representing your brand

When we do recruiting on your behalf, we are aware of being linked to your brand. That’s why you can rest assured that we treat candidates seriously and act professionally in general.

This is what our general process looks like

  • Preliminary meetings to clarify the job profile and provide advice in that regard
  • Clarification of deadlines for the recruitment process
  • Drafting and signing the contractual agreement – see prices as well as search and headhunting
  • TimeWork will kick off the recruitment process using network and search. Candidates are selected based on qualifications, references, personality, interest in/motivation for changing jobs and references from TimeWork’s network
  • Interested candidates are invited to an initial, clarifying interview with TimeWork
  • TimeWork selects the best qualified candidates to advance further in the company’s recruitment process, and the selected candidates are simultaneously presented with a CV and Time Work’s evaluation. The company will only be introduced to candidates wanting a conversation and showing a genuine interest in the job at hand, both professionally and personally
  • First interview at the company with the selected candidates and TimeWork in attendance
  • *) Second interview at the company using either the personality test of the company or TimeWork’s personality test (DiSC). TimeWork will attend if TimeWork have carried out the personality test
  • Possible third meeting for contractual terms and signing of documents if necessary
  • TimeWork will handle additional relevant references from previous businesses by agreement.