Coaching and Career advice

We provide you with coaching and career advice

Are you considering applying for a job right now, or do you want to position yourself for a career change in the long term?

We offer an initial meeting where we talk about your concerns in relation to your work situation.

We are also able to discuss IT with you on a professional level, so don’t hesitate to contact us, even if you consider yourself quite technical – we have no problem relating to that!

On a personal level we will challenge you on the following:

  • Are you in the right place to develop your skills?
  • What should you focus on in your future career?
  • What are your skills and when do you function at your optimum? 
  • Are you getting the development opportunities you're looking for?
  • How are your messages getting across to your manager?
  • Are your skills being utilised in your role?
  • Are you experiencing conflicts with your colleagues or your manager?
  • Have you tried, unsuccessfully, to seek out a new role either internally or externally?
  • Are you experiencing cooperation problems in your team?
  • Do you find that you are bringing more to the table than your colleagues?
  • Are you getting constructive criticism or do you have no idea what others think about your proposals?
  • Are you starting more initiatives than you can see through?
  • Are you proud of your work effort?

There are many more questions to ask. Maybe this is something we can discuss over a cup of coffee, or maybe you would like a to use our services over a period of time – that’s to be decided.

Mette Møller Simonsen

Mette Møller Simonsen


Telephone: +45 24 86 46 46
Henning Therkelsen

Henning Therkelsen


Telephone: +45  28 97 69 22