Senior Full Stack Developer to FaunaPhotonics

  • Do you want to make a difference in the green transition?
  • Do you want to be part of solving the challenge of feeding 10 billion people through sustainable agricultural practices?
  • Do you have a burning passion for bringing disruptive solutions to the marketplace and changing practices towards sustainable solutions?

Who are we?

FaunaPhotonics enables the farmer to decrease insecticide use by targeting insect pests more effectively. We are developing cutting-edge in-field sensor tools setting new standards for monitoring of insects in agriculture. Tools that will lead to better decision support in plant protection and ability to increase yield at farmer’s level. Further the technology can play an important role in the green transition, hereunder support biodiversity and sustainable farming practices. By combining data analytics, machine learning and engineering skills with the expertise of international partners and players in agriculture and environmental protection, we will commercialize insect monitoring solutions internationally.

What are we looking for?

At FaunaPhotonics, we are currently looking for an experienced Full Stack developer to support our rapid development. Working at FaunaPhotonics you will be an integrated part of a very diverse, dynamic and fast-moving team spanning competences within machine learning, sensors, electronics, biology, agronomy and business development.

As Senior Full Stack developer in our Data Team of 8 IT-professionals you will be responsible for building and maintaining our API’s. You will work closely with our commercial department to agree on how data should be presented to our customers, e.g. through the FaunaPhotonics Customer portal. You will also be responsible for maintaining and developing the Costumer Data portal.

Primary tasks include:

  • Building and maintaining the API’s Development of new data tools, make new features available and processes to support our growing infrastructure.
  • Work closely with our commercial department to agree on how data should be presented to our customers, e.g., through the FaunaPhotonics Customer portal.
  • Maintain and develop the Costumer Data portal.

Your qualifications:

As a full Stack Developer at FaunaPhotonics you might have experience with some of the following:

  • Python and Python web development
  • REST API development with .NET development
  • Databases (MS SQL, No SQL)
  • Event driven Architecture
  • Micro-services Architecture and FAAS
  • Work in a CI/CD setup
  • Cloud hosting
  • Cloud storage

You are in generally skilled in development of Cloud services, preferably in Azure.

 Personal skills:

  • Creativity and problem-solving.
  • Team player with good social and communication skills.
  • Structured and analytical.
  • Openminded and Curious.
  • Love to work with complex systems and data.
  • Prefer to work and share knowledge with other IT-professionals.





    Mette Simonsen

    Mette Simonsen


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    About FaunaPhotonics

    FaunaPhotonics is building next generation real-time insect monitoring technology, which supports integrated pest management including timely treatments and intelligent spraying equipment. The technology platform combines light associated information on insects collected with a patent protected sensor technique and machine learning algorithms to differentiate among insect groups. By bringing a new technology to the market, we will fill gaps in knowledge of insect populations, leading to more sustainable agricultural production and improvements in understanding insect biodiversity, control of insect born disease and problems in aquaculture. On our journey we will make insect monitoring and risk assessment easier for our customers.

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